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  •  Physician/PA/NP ONLY Portal hotline - 205-613-1236 
  • Required VTE tab will be added on General Admission Orders and Pneumonia Orders Iform. Will be added to other admission and post-op iforms over several weeks 

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**Attention STV Downtown Physicians**

From Sat-Monday morning any cath lab procedures will be done “off line”.    We do not anticipate having to send patients out for procedures during this time.  The system will be down until Monday morning. One cath room will be in local mode so that a cath can be done there. Thank you. 07-29-2015

Attn Downtown Physicians and Allied Staff

on 08-04-2015, Computer order entry should be used for all admission orders, medication reconciliation, transfers, and rounding orders on the floor. Post-op order sets will be utilized where available (~80 of the top 100 surgeries). Physician order entry assistance will be supported between the hours of 6AM to 7PM and encouraged after hours.

                     Unit Secretaries are your first line of support.

                     IT Staff will be wearing PURPLE vests.

                     IT Staff will be circulating the floors and the recovery rooms.


Back ordered meds listings in the Medical Affairs section

East campus 07-27-2015

Downtown campus 04-2015

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