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  •  Physician/PA/NP ONLY Portal hotline - 205-613-1236 
  • Never order medications in Order Entry that start with the letters "ED" such as "ED FUROSEMIDE" as these are only used in the ED and will not cross to the pharmacy in the hospital.

  • Required VTE tab will be added on General Admission Orders and Pneumonia Orders Iform. Will be added to other admission and post-op iforms over several weeks 

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Cardio Server ECG Management System

Blount IS LIVE with Epiphany

East is tentatively scheduled for week of June 22(tentative)

St. Clair is tentatively scheduled for week of July 20(tentative)

Birmingham/119 tentatively scheduled for week of August 24(tentative)

MEDICATION BACK ORDER list are posted on Medical Staff Affairs tab in the portal

East updated 05-13-15

Birmingham updated 01-22-2015 Zosyn And Ketorolac SHORTAGE



• For assistance with EASYLINK, IMPRIVATA or Active Directory account, call the help desk at 939-7778 or 838-3177.

           For Physician Portal assistance or computer issues please dial extension 2-3055 from Birmingham or 8-4925 from East /St. Clair/Blount if calling from ANY campus telephone.

           For Physician Portal assistance or computer issues please dial 205-613-1236 if calling from non-hospital phone.•           Please e-mail questions and comments to marcus.renda@stvhs.com and andy.white@stvhs.com



System Notes:

           All pop up blockers must be disabled for Physician Portal.

           Physician Portal can only be accessed from Windows 2000 or above for security purposes. Portal may not function on Internet Explorer 9 as it is not certified by vendor


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